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Bloomsday Road Runners Club

We have an exciting new program for BRRC members to start the new year 2020. This is the BRRC SPIRIT POINTS PROGRAM.
The Spirit points program rewards Bloomsday Road Runners Club members for their participation in a variety of club activities. There is a list of activities on the Website. Click here to see the activities and rules. Please submit your points on the supplied form on the website or published in the Race Rag to or mail to 812 W. 13th Ave, Spokane, WA 99204.
We are extending the submission deadline an extra week for the month of January 2020 only. January 2020 submission will be due on or before February 10. Our members will have this additional time to familiarize themselves with the program, complete and submit their information for this 1st month (January 2020) only.

BRRC Officer Slate for 2020 to be voted upon at the BRRC 23rd Annual Awards Dinner on February 23, 2020.
President: Paul
President Elect: Pam Belasco
Secretary: Emily Paradis
Treasurer: Paul Gill

Partners in Pain Finish line Thursday update

If you haven't heard yet, the Partners in Pain results are messed up. We are STILL working on them. If you ran it and haven't seen the emails about this, here is what I said in the latest update. It would be great if you ran it, if you would look at the results and let me know if yours are correct. there are several still showing as DNS and I saw many of these people finish. I would love to get your times in the best we can!

THURS UPDATE: We put some more times in. Please look at these and let me know if your time is still not in there. If you haven't looked yet at all, please look and email me what your time was. If you told me your time yesterday, then check it now to see how we did.

If you checked and it was good yesterday, you should still be good . Then probably on Sunday, I am going to go in and TRY to salvage team awards. I am not sure that will be possible, but I am going to try. I do know there are some issues still on some team members not being correctly put in the right team (it shows nothing). I have no idea how that happened when it was ok in the original database. I am going to get those fixed before I have them run team awards. If you see that you don't have your team name listed with your name, then feel free to let me know that too. I worry that I might miss someone when I look at the two databases.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who ran the race. I am guessing some people are not getting these emails!

Here is the link

THANKS EVERYONE! And if you haven't heard me say this in the updates: RUNNERS ARE COOL PEOPLE! Everyone has been so supportive!

Dori Whitford