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Partners in Pain Volunteer Thank You!
It is Mar. 27th and I am FINALLY thanking the volunteers. But there seems to have been one obstacle after another since Partners in Pain. First, there was the timing mess. That took about 3 weeks to totally work through. Then I had two weeks of track season. I started that behind because of the timing. And now, as you all know we have a global pandemic to deal with. So here I am at home, finally catching up on so many things!
Thanks to all the volunteers for Partners in Pain 5k! Many of these volunteers have been helping for YEARS, some even decades! Please forgive me if I missed you. Partners in Pain is a long time ago. In fact, it feels like a lifetime ago. It feels like I am on a different planet than I was on Feb. 8.
Kim Price, Lexi Anderson, Chris Anderson, Andrew Kolman, Robbie Anselmo, Curt Kinghorn, Dave Durand, Ron and Jane McDonald, Anna Foreman, Veronica VanAuch, Jean Greene, Wen Yu, Mary Ann Bosky, Karen Luedeking, Sharon VanAuch, Lori Shauvin, Steve Jones, Pam Belasco, Isabel Evans, Rob Root, and Wayne Foster, John Pierce.
Also: Medical Lake cross country, headed by Gene Blankenship and Negative Split Timing Co.
Dori Whitford