Running Awards

Race Director (Marathon, St. Paddy's, Colbert) Lori Shauvin

Race Director, LCAM, Melinda Hoekema
Race Director, LCAM Rhonda Rambo
Race Director, Newman Lake Von Klohe and Brenda
Race Director, Newman Lake, Turkey Trot Tom Cameron and Cathy
Race Director, 4th of July Run Bob Gariepy
Race Director, Sundae Sunday, Marathon Board Joan Pribnow
Race Director, PIP, X-country, Membership Dori Robertson
Race Director, Recycle Lori Buratto 
Series Director Rob Anselmo
Race Rag Joan Pribnow
Race Rag mailing Bart Haggin
Race Rag delivery, Recycle Jane Davey
Web Site Jim Hoppe
Strides of March Gunhild Swanson 
Marathon Board Curt Kinghorn
Marathon Board Joan Pribnow
Marathon Board Lori Shauvin
Bloomsday Booth Jeane Greene
Finish lines, contributions etc. Curt Kinghorn
Business relations of the year Papa Murphy's (Paul and Brenda Gill)
BRRC Board of Directors (President elect) Frank Anselmo 
BRRC Board of Directors (Treasurer) Joan Pribnow
BRRC Board of Directors (Secretary) Paul Gill 
BRRC Board of Directors (Past President) Ken Briggs
BRRC Board of Directors Robert Towne

Job Recognition awards

2008 Award Recipients

Male Runner of the Year- Robert Towne

Robert demonstrated that he could finish races with the best of them. He finished first overall in this year's Let's Climb a Mountain ultra marathon, with a time of 5:14. He also finished 7th overall in Uncle Joe's 50 K with a time of 5:09. To add to his accomplishments, he finished in 1st place at the inaugural Centennial Trail Ultra with a time of 5:12, and completed the MacDonald Forest 50 K in a time of 5:25. Robert's athleticism was also featured in the Spokesman Review.

Female Runner of the Year- Lynne Bownds

This past year, Lynne participated in Partners in Pain and Rapid Rabbit. She also participated in the Marathon Training Clinic, and completed the Portland Marathon in a time of 6:33, finishing 17th out of 43rd in her age group.

Masters Male Runner of the Year- Larry “the Tank” Taylor

For the second year in a row, Larry didn't miss a series race. In addition to some impressive times, (he finished Newman Lake in 2:08) he also completed in the Snake River ½ Marathon and the Sacramento Marathon. Larry proves you don't need long legs to run fast.

Masters Female Runners of the Year- Patty Anselmo & Sally Hoppe

Patty and Sally participated in the Marathon Training Clinic and could be seen every Saturday. They also completed the Spokane Half Marathon, and finished 30 minutes faster than the previous year. They also participated in Sunday Sundae and Bloomsday.

Senior Male Runner of the Year- Dennis Doyle

Plagued with injuries this past year, Dennis ran strong and completed nearly all of the series races. Dennis also volunteered at several races, and consistently attended club meetings.

Senior Female Runner of the Year- Patty Doyle

Patty always had a kind word and a smile on her face. She participated in the majority of the series races, and was also the female overall point's winner. Patty also volunteered at several races and faithfully attended club meetings.

Volunteer of the Year- Jim Hoppe

Is this guy really a dentist or a photographer? Jim volunteered at many of the races and often had his camera with him. He also worked hard to keep up the BRRC website and sent out a weekly email of upcoming events.

Inspirational Runner of the Year- Jean Greene

Jean has been involved in the BRRC for over 25 years. Jean is always willing to step in and help out. She's a great spokesperson for our club. She is in charge of the BRRC booth at the Bloomsday Trade Show. She is also our representative for the Centennial Trail.

Most Improved Runner- Dick Doede

Dick significantly improved his finishing times as compared to the prior year.

2007 2008

Bloomsday 1:03:55 56:27
Newman Lake 2:30:27 2:06:35
Sunday Sundae 1:22:39 1:14:03

Dick worked hard at Speed Work and followed a strict nutrition plan. He also completed 2 marathons: Portland and Sacramento.

Sponsor of the Year- Kurt Kinghorn/Runner's Soul

Kurt is involved in everything. He's not only involved with our Club races, he is also actively involved in nearly every race in our area. He graciously sponsors the GSL meet at SFCC every year. If it wasn't for his generosity, the meet wouldn't be what it is. Kurt is definitely in it for the good of the runner.