On Saturday, July 15, 2017, Bloomsday Road Runners Club (BRRC) will celebrate its annual running event called Let’s Climb a Mountain. This is a 34.3 mile solo run & team relay starting at Riverfront Park and finishing at the top of Mt. Spokane.

Lets Climb a Mountain is organized by Bloomsday Road Runners Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote fitness and long-distance running. BRRC is a volunteer-driven organization and highly effective in getting people of all ages involved. BRRC is one of the larger member clubs of the Road Runners Club of America. Proceeds go toward scholarships for young runners in our community. We are proud organizers of Partners in Pain, St. Paddy’s Five, Let’s Climb a Mountain, Newman Lake 25K, Recycle Run, Half Fast Ultimate Runner, Sundae Sunday 10 miler, Colbert Half Marathon, Spokane Marathon, Spokane Half Marathon, Spokane 5 Mile Run, Spokane Marathon Relay, and Four Cross Country Races.

Logo Sponsors:
Company logo will appear on the entry form. The entry form is published in our monthly Race Rag distributed to more than 28 businesses in Spokane, North Idaho and Montana. The entry form can also be obtained on & website.
$250: Company logo will appear on the t-shirts and entry form.
$500: Company logo will appear on the t-shirts and entry form. Company banner will be displayed at the finish line. Company logo and its sponsorship will be placed upon the website and be strategically linked to your website.

Sponsorship Donations:
-We welcome donations of goods and/or supplies for our race participants.

Raffle Donations:
-We have a raffle during the post-race party for the race participants.

We are excited about this community event and welcome your participation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our race director, Ron Nutkowitz at .

We appreciate your support!

Logo Sponsorship and Donation Form
Let’s Climb a Mountain

In order to properly process sponsorship/donation, please complete this form in full and return it to the BRRC (Let’s Climb a Mountain) committee with the donation or pick-up/delivery instructions. 
Please contact: Ron Nutkowitz at , for mailing instructions.

Donor/Business Name:___________________________________________________________

Contact Name:_________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:________________________________________________________________


Contact Signature:______________________________________________________________

Logo Sponsorship Information

____$100 Donation (Logo on entry form)

____$250 Donation (Logo on entry form & t-shirt)

____$500 Donation (Logo on entry form, t-shirt and website)

____Yes, I would also like to provide a banner to be put on display
____No, I will not be providing a banner.

Raffle Donation Information

I tem Description:________________________________________________________________


Date of Donation_________________________Estimated Value:$________________________

Obtained By:________________________________Phone:_____________________________

Email address (person who obtained donation):_______________________________________

____Item to be picked up Date____________________

____Item will be delivered or mailed Date____________________

Comments or special delivery instructions:____________________________________________


Please e-mail or enclose a digital copy of the logo. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines.

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