Bart’s Autobio Started 12/2/2020
Born June 30, 1936
When I was young I took my boyhood home for granted. And it wasn’t until my middle years that I really appreciated the place on the Little Spokane River where I grew up and live now. When I get up in the morning from my bedroom where my life really started, I walk out into the main part of our house and every day I am struck with wonder. All I can see is the natural world! How many can say that?
The river bends into an oxbow and passes our windows as it winds in front of the peninsula across the channel. The cottonwood tree and the golden willow are so much bigger now than when I hung onto them and they just filled my hand! Now they frame the close view of the river with trunks I can’t reach around! The backwater to the left is usually a playground for ducks and geese and river otters and predatory Kingfishers. Occasionally a bald eagle will carry away a meal from there. We have called it The Bay but it is really the shallows created by the river flooding and scouring out the shoreline until the river widens away from the current. As the river bends again it moves on its way and passes an island on the right where we go to swim or walk upstream to float or just return to where the river diverts to create this separation from the hillside. The important attraction of the island for me was the tall and thick Canary Grass that created a jungle feeling for adventures either alone or with a friend. The deer and other critters camp there and don’t expect to be startled. The oxbow creates the world of my yesterdays and now its a reminder of the eight decades that have melted away.

Bart Haggin's autobiography

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