March 2, 2008
Good Morning everyone,
From the responses so far, everyone seemed to have a good day on the C. Trail. Hopefully, everyone finished healthy and happy. The weather sure cooperated; we'll just have to hope for less ice next time. So far, I have times from David, Jim, Dennis, Martin, Donnie, Bill and Robert. Ali, I know you called me with yours; but as I was running with Dennis and listening to his "jokes", I've forgotten what time you gave me. So please email me or call again. As soon as I get all the times, I will get them to Jim Hoppe our webmaster for posting at From the cameras I saw out, there will undoubtedly be some pics there too.
Thanks to our wonderful VOLUNTEERS; you folks made the day for us out there!
And yes, there will be another CTRUN  March '09. We will run this time from Stateline to Nine Mile so you can see the other side of those trees and rocks. Sorry though, you'll probably still see those same backsides of runners in front of you!
Thanks to all of you for joining the fun, including our  relay runners: Glenn, Jamie, Susan and Jim. I'd like to post your time too if you have it. Robert says he held off a hard charging Jim Hoppe at the finish. Oh yeah, Robert finished in 5:12:22. Yikes, that's some running. Imagine what he would have done without the snow and ice...
Hope you all will join us again next year.


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Robert Towne beat our relay of four good runners! He is either near superhuman or there was something in the chicken soup that Steve and Karen Heaps were generously dispensing on the trail....ha! I would like the recipe for use in future races. Thanks for putting on a fun event.
Jim Hoppe
What a great run and thanks for putting that together! It was an adventure
running/sliding through those first ten miles of ice and snow... but
we just considered that as part of an especially "character-building"
experience. Ha!

I have to say that those sweet, dear volunteers out on the path were VERY much
appreciated. I certainly made a point of letting them know how
wonderful they were, but feel free to tell them again! They were just
so AMAZING! It was a nice surprise to have the support.

Linda Barton and I finished together at 7:34:05. Both our Yaktrax
snapped apart at about mile 6... we've decided to shadowbox frame
them. Me? I'm ordering a pair of Kaht oolas for next year! We had so
much fun.

Thanks again. That was a beautiful, challenging run!

Sue Gallup

Hi Ken,

I had a really great time despite having nearly zero base miles!!
But, it is fun to just sleep after a hard effort.
Thank you so much for putting this together. This was definitely a
highlight for my be able to complete the CT.

My time 6:23.
Francie Hankins
Hi Ken,

Yes I did manage to finish! It wasn't quite solitary though, my oldest daughter
joined me on her bicycle and rode 6 of the last 7 miles with me. And the
volunteers were wonderful, please pass along my thanks to all of them. Anyway my
time was 9:33:45, not only a same day finish but a daylight one as well. Had a
great time and if the March 9th you'er talking about is 2009 I hope to be there,
if you're talking about next weekend I might find it hard to make that one.

Dean Bays
Hi Ken,
Congratulations on a well done event. Steve took these photos (see attached) and he got everyone but Dean and Max as we had to close up at before 2:00.  I hope we are around to help next year as we had lots of fun.  Good idea having it a week later and reversing the course.  Of course, next year, we won't have as much snow. I hope!
Hi Ken, with a couple "off trail" excursions, I finished in 7:56:38. Thanks to you and all the great volunteers!
Mary Ann Clute
Hi Ken,

What a great run!  The weather and company could be no better.

I finished with Tim Englund in 6:33.

Thanks so much for everything.

Lisa Bliss

HI Ken!! Good Sunday Morning!
     Thanks again for all of your hard work and amazing volunteers! The race was fantastic! I wanted to email you my time. I finished at the mile 0 "Idaho Rock" at exactly 5 hours 47 mins and 54 seconds from the start. Hope the rest of your race went well after we talked. Look forward to hearing how everyone else fared, hopefully there were no serious injuries or accidents with any racers or complications. Talk to you soon, Thanks again- Ali

Thanks for putting together the run.  It gave me a chance to me some other crazies like me. I hope to see everyone again next year.
My time was 6:37.
Hi Ken,
My time was 7:54:35.
Thanks so much for organizing this run.    I am new to this area and am looking forward to seeing you and the other Spokane ultra runners in the future.
I was a little cranky the first 10 miles with all the ice, but hooked up with Maryann and Amber and had a great day.   

The volunteers were awesome.     I'll be out there area in 2009.
Judy Carluccio

Hi Ken,
it was good running with you today. Not sure how many miles I ended up running with some backtracking and wrong turns (my bad) , but I finished in 6:35
Good job and great run!

David Bliss

Thanks so much for putting this on. The course was great and the
volunteers were fantastic. I did manage to get lost a couple of times
and figure I must have done a full 37 miles as a result. Actually, I
never saw the finish line because I didn't know to turn and go under
the freeway. I was a ways past Cabelas when I saw a Kootenia county
sheriff car and figured I must have made it to Idaho. Anyway, I
enjoyed the day and plan to be back next year.

My time was 8:53:29 to the Sheriff car. :)

Max Welker
Sorry about that, but something was wrong with my computer and I was unable to get on the internet until just now.
My time was 6:56:43. 
I wore my Garmin, and clocked 36.08 miles.  I stayed on the Centennial Trail the whole way, in accordance with the trail map.  East of downtown before the Kardong bridge (22 mile mark I think) where the trail forks, I veered on the northern path next to the river.  The trail is actually marked with an arrow to go that way.  It was interesting to note that I was almost always within .03 of the mile at each milepost.  Sometimes just under, and then in the valley it started creeping just over the exact mark. 
Thank you so very much for putting on this fun run.  No doubt you ordered the fantastic weather just for us too.