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July 11, 2015
6 am Solo start
6:30 am Relay start
Leg #1 is a total of 6.1 miles
Start at the clock tower in Riverfront Park, northside of the Spokane River
Turn right onto the bridge by the Convention Center.
After you cross the bridge, turn left onto the Centennial Trail, northside of the Convention Center.
Follow the Centennial Tail, east; cross the Kardong Bridge, watch for traffic thru the Gonzaga University area; cross the Hamilton Street foot bridge; continue east, crossing Columbus Street; crossing Superior Street; follow the Centennial Trail to Mission Park.
Auxiliary Police will help you across the busy four lane - Mission Street; cross Mission Street onto the sidewalk, take an immediate right on the sidewalk - by Avista Utilities.
Turn left at the end of the sidewalk onto Upriver Drive Road.
Water station at Upriver Drive and Ralph Street, just past the Greene Street bridge.
Continue east on Upriver Drive; turn left onto Freya Street. (Auxiliary Police)
Continue north on Freya Street; Auxiliary Police will help you continue north on Freya Street thru Frederick Street.
Continue north; Auxiliary Police will be at Freya and Wellesley Street. Keep running north.

Exchange Area #1 at Freya and Dalke - watch for runners and traffic - very congested.
Leg # 2 is an 8 mile section
Water and chemical toilet available
Please, No Parking on the northside of Hi Rel Laboratories, reserved for employees only.
Continue north on Freya; Auxiliary Police will assist you to cross Freya and Francis Street.
At the intersection of Freya and Market, turn right onto Market Street. Continue on Market Street, turn right onto Peone Street. Water available.
Continue east on Peone Street thru Bruce Road - volunteers here to help at the four way Stop.
Keep running east to Moffat Road.

Exchange Area #2 at Peone Road and Moffat Road - "Y" intersection - use extreme caution.
Leg #3 is a 7 mile section
Water and chemical toilet available.
Runners to continue east (straight) to Moffat Road gravel section - exchange on the gravel road.
Vehicles need to park on Moffat Road - do not block any driveways to the farm houses.
Runners to continue north on Peone Road to Day Mt. Spokane Road.
Turn right onto Day Mt. Spokane Road - continue north.
Water at Inland Power & Light, Forker Road - continue north to the Spokane County Fire Station.

Exchange #3, at Spokane County Fire Station #48 and Carlton Road
Leg #4 is a 6.1 mile section - Please, Do Not Park in front of the Fire Station.
Water and chemical toilet available
Water at Elliott Road.

Exchange #4, just past Bear Creek Lodge as you enter the Mt. Spokane County Park area
********** Do not stop or park at Bear Creek Lodge or block the Ranger Station**********
Leg #5 is a 3.1 mile section
Water and chemical toilet available
Water available at the switchbacks, Mt. Kit Carson Road.

Exchange #5, at the Snowmobile Parking Lot area
Leg #6 is a 4 mile section - Runners to the left and up a small hill.
Water and outdoor toilet available
Water at the switchback; 1.5 miles to go!
Run to the top of Mt. Spokane to the finish line.

Updated 6/25/2011